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The Colour Magnitude Diagram of The Galactic Cluster NGC 6383

Pik Sin The,

Data & Software Engineering Research Group
STEI-ITB, Jl. Ganeca No.10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia
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Almost all the stars in a circular area with  a radius of  about 12 min. of arc, were measured photometrically down to V="13".80 mag., using plates obtained with the Uppsala Schmidt telescope Mt. Stromlo and the Schmidt telescope  at Lembang. The photographic measurement generally confirm  Enggen’s remarkable result that NGC 6383 is a very young cluster, similar to NGC 2264. Groups stars lying on different parts of the colour magnitude diagram  NGC 6383, are discussed in connection with Herbig’s idea about non-coevalness of stars in stellar cluster.

Keywords: astronomy, NGC 6383

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