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Diagram Vektor Arus dan Tegangan Saluran Transmisi


Data & Software Engineering Research Group
STEI-ITB, Jl. Ganeca No.10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia


For short transmission lines it is a simple matter to construct a vector diagram showing the phase relationships between the sending-end and receiving-end voltages and currents. For an electrically long line the procedure is complicated because of the presence  of the distributes shunt capacitances. By transforming the equations of a long line, however, it is possible to accomplish this in a relatively practical way. For that purpose per unit  quantities are used  with the receiving-end voltage and the surge-impedance-load current taken as basis. A circle as locus of sending-end voltage corresponding to unity sending –end power factor  is also derived from the consideration.

Keywords: electrotechnic

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